Amazing! This Woman Stopped Wearing Makeup And She Looks Sooooo Tired

Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid are bravely embracing the #NoMakeup movement, posting barefaced selfies on Instagram, and Alicia Keys has completely stopped wearing makeup to publicly challenge the unrealistic beauty standards that modern culture promotes. In solidarity this week, Philadelphia resident Rachel Schenk joined the no-makeup ranks by ditching her liquid foundation and confidently embracing her natural features, and boy, she looks soooooooooooo tired.


Schenk’s typical morning makeup routine previously involved concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, brow gel, and lip tint. These days, Rachel leaves her apartment with nothing but moisturizer on her face, and wow, she looks truly, astonishingly fatigued!


Schenk says her newly naked face has completely changed the way she moves through the world.



While getting coffee one morning, Schenk’s barista turned to a colleague and said, “That girl just looked soooooo worn down, I felt bad. She’s sick, right? Like, terminally ill?”


“She was definitely feeling the empowering #nomakeup love!” Schenk adds.


Going au natural has also sparked a reaction from Rachel’s coworkers, who are blown away by the change.


“She’s honestly never looked so profoundly exhausted in her entire career,” says Schenk’s boss, Mindy Caldwell, who sent Schenk home to get some sleep. “Without mascara, or concealer under her eyes, I’m seeing her in a whole new, really weary light.”


Rachel’s mother was also struck by her daughter’s face sans makeup.


“She looks very natural,” she says. “Like she lives in the wild forced to hunt for her own food, which would make her soooooooooo tired.”


Schenk remains unfazed, and encourages others to try the trend.


“Do this for yourself without worrying what others will say,” she shares. “I thought my boyfriend might have a problem with it, but he when he saw me, he just scooped me up in his arms and said, ‘I love you, no matter what happens.’”


“She looks so weak, like she can’t even support her own body weight,” Schenk’s boyfriend says. “I didn’t realize that under all that makeup was this incredibly sapped and lethargic woman.”
Kudos to Rachel for embracing her natural #nomakeup beauty! She is a true example of what a real woman looks like: suuuuuper tired!