Whoa! This Clairvoyant Woman Predicts Regretting Dessert Later

Moments after ordering a slice of chocolate cake along with a few of her friends at dinner, apparent psychic Dana Wallace predicted regretting her split-second, over-indulgent decision to order dessert.


“I’d had premonitions before, but never as powerful as that,” Wallace says. “It’s like I knew I was going to feel bloated and unlovable forever if I ate something after I was already full.”


Although she lives a seemingly normal life, Wallace’s friends and family always knew there was always something different about her.


“Dana always knows which things she’ll regret doing later on, but still manages to do them anyway,” says longtime friend, Amy Davis. “It’s like she sees things that other people just can’t.”


“And what do you know?” Wallace says. “I did regret eating that dessert. I guess I’m just an incredibly gifted psychic.”



This isn’t the first time Wallace has made a completely accurate prediction.


Though Wallace says she used to hear voices as a child, these days most of the voices she hears are just her own voice telling her not to do things she will later feel guilty about, like making an expensive purchase at LOFT or texting an ex-boyfriend she eventually wished she had never dated.


“Each time I chose to do one of these things, something cosmic sweeps over me that says, ‘These things will turn out bad.’ Incredible right?” Wallace explains.


With this degree of accuracy in her clairvoyant abilities, Wallace offered to help other people in the restaurant avoid the mistake she made by telling them, almost prophetically, that they too would regret ordering dessert.


“Not many of us realize the choices we have,” Wallace explains. “Sometimes people need a little extra guidance to know which ones will be the most regrettable.”


Wallace’s friends anticipate this to be another regret Wallace simply hasn’t predicted yet.