QUIZ: Should You Buy This Ethically Made T-Shirt, or Just Wear One of the 27 T-Shirts You Already Own?

So you’ve started to educate yourself on the evils of fast fashion and vowed to not support exploitative labor practices with your hard-earned dollars. That’s great, but there are many difficult decisions still ahead. For example, should you buy a $40 t-shirt that is “ethically made” or choose instead to wear one of the 27 t-shirts you have already purchased and now own? Take this quiz to find out!


Does the website selling this shirt feature minimalist design, a diverse group of models, and neutral-toned basics?

A. Oh heavens, yes.

B. I know I shouldn’t get this shirt.


How do the words “hemp tote” make you feel?

A. Aroused.

B. I said I know.


Why don’t you want to wear one of the t-shirts you already own?

A. Because I committed to shopping ethically and buying this shirt would be doing that.

B. Fine, I won’t get it. I was just checking.


How do you know the shirt is ethically made?

A. The site has a whole section dedicated to manufacturing information, including pictures of some pretty happy looking workers. Also, it’s Fair Trade.

B. Okay, yeah, fine. Point taken.


Define Fair Trade.

A. …

B. …

Did you do it?

A. No, but I know what it is.

B.I’m not playing your games anymore.




Mostly A’s: You should really just wear one of the 27 t-shirts you already own because to consume ethically is to consume less, but at the same time we’re not going to judge you if you do buy it because we live in a consumer culture and sometimes we want to buy things, just don’t think you’re doing something.

Mostly B’s: See above. Unsatisfied with this quiz? Remember that feeling, because unsatisfied is how you’re going to feel when this ethical t-shirt doesn’t bring you joy or make you a better person. Also, “ethical t-shirt” does not mean anything, but you know that. Go cut the sleeves off something you own – it’ll feel like new!