6 Important Things Moms Often Miss When They Talk to Tweens About David Schwimmer

No one said parenting was easy. But broaching the topic of David Schwimmer with a tween can be especially difficult for the first time, the second time, or even multiple time parents. It just doesn’t get easier. That’s why we’ve compiled six helpful tips for talking to your tween about David Schwimmer. This is by no means comprehensive, but it covers the topic succinctly, if not very broadly.


David Schwimmer Was On A Show called Friends

It might seem like a no brainer, but surprisingly many parents forget to go over this with their tweens, most of whom have not seen Friends. So start here. Explain that Friends was a sitcom that aired for 10 years on NBC. Schwimmer starred as one of six young New York friends, living life and having mishaps in New York City. It was a very white show.


Everyone Learns About David Schwimmer In Their Own Time

Your tween may feel embarrassed if they don’t already know about David Schwimmer. Maybe their best friend learned about David Schwimmer a few months ago. Some kids may have learned about him years ago. It’s not a race. Let your tween know that they’re learning about him now, because they’re ready now. It’s something to celebrate!


Every Person Is Beautiful In Their Own Way. But David Schwimmer Is Handsome In A Way That Is Incredibly Difficult To Articulate

It is our imperfections that make us interesting. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But David Schwimmer’s imperfections and beauty are both kind of difficult to pin down. He’s handsome, for sure, but even if you don’t find him attractive, you can probably see why some people would. It certainly doesn’t explain that level of star power, though. But that’s something every tween needs to figure out for themselves.


You Must Get Consent From A Friend Or Partner Before Engaging With Any David Schwimmer Media

This is important. If you do not clearly illustrate to your tween that no one can force, coerce, or subject another into watching David Schwimmer related media, they will leave the conversation without the most fundamental lesson. Be sure to emphasize that there’s nothing wrong with watching Apt Pupil or The Pallbearer, but you and your partner must both be willing participants. And yes, this includes non-cameo roles, such as his turn as Director in Run, Fat Boy, Run. If someone tells you it doesn’t count, they are ill-informed or have nefarious intent. David Schwimmer need not be on screen for it to be just as important.


You Have A Right To Privacy

OK, parents. This is the real litmus test. Make sure your tween knows that you respect their privacy in matters dealing with David Schwimmer. It might be scary, but your children deserve that respect. You don’t need to know what they think of his performance in The People v. O. J. Simpson. That’s their business. Showing your tween this level of compassion will set them up for healthy David Schwimmer experiences in their life.


People Act Like Ross And Rachel Were Destined To Be Together, But That’s Saccharine Garbage

It’s an insult to Schwimmer’s range. Nevertheless, the writers and producers of Friends decided it was best to pander to their audience and put the two star crossed lovers in bed together once and for all. Would have been nice to see them write an interesting episode for the first time in 4 years, but hey! What do we know? Your tween will probably have questions about this. Listen to them with an open mind.



Yes, this is a veeeeerry streamlined list of topics to go over, but they get the job done. And your tween will long remember the guidance you provide. It’s sure to stick with them for years to come, so don’t delay. Talk to your tween today.