Does He Love You, Or Is He Too Cheap to Buy His Own Vape?

When you’re hitting it off with a guy, it can be hard to tell if he’s falling in love with you or if he’s really just in love with your almost unending stash of cool mint Juul pods. Does he love being around you, or does he just love the idea of taking free hits off your e-cig because you have a job? Take this quiz to find out.


When he wants to hang out, he texts:

a.) “Can we hang tonight? I miss you, baby.”

b.) “Wanna vape 2nite? Pls bring urs over here, I’m out of gas and cartridges.”


His favorite place to hang out on a date is:       

a.) The local Italian restaurant. They have an amazing lasagna and he says you look beautiful in the candlelight.

b.) The Citgo station, where he’ll suggest you buy some vape refills “just in case we hit it hard tonight.”


When you picture him in your mind, all you can see is:

a.) His smile. It warms your heart and feels like he’s peering into your soul.

b.) A cloud of vape smoke. He really loves to vape. But only with you because he is never willing to buy his own.


When he’s having a tough day, you know the best way to comfort him is:

a.) A hug and a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.

b.) Passing him that vape. He keeps claiming he’s gonna buy one but never does.


Why are you with him?

a.) He’s so kind and considerate. He actually said he feels like you two might be soul mates.

b.) You just feel sort of responsible for him. Without you, how will he vape?






If you got, Mostly A’s:

This man is in love with you! Congrats! Seems like the real deal. This one’s a keeper!


If you got Mostly B’s:

This man just wants your vape, babe. Walk away while you still have some vape left.