Can’t Stop Thinking About Your Ex? Then This Headline Probably Didn’t Help.

Agonizing over your ex? Well, sorry, this article probably isn’t helping. Moving on from someone you really cared about is hard work, made even harder by this useless article popping up in your timeline.




When someone becomes a big part of your daily life, you can’t just let them go overnight. At least, that’s what this article is going to remind you of, but hey, you clicked on it, so this one’s on you.


You’re probably already driving by your old favorite restaurants and spots, thinking of them. And now this article is just one more thing to rub it in. Oops. Our bad.


We could try to offer you some tools to get over it, but really we’ve already only made it worse here so we should just stop.


You’re really hurting aren’t you?



Yeesh, we did it again.


Anyway, we see you missing the person you loved, and we just wanted to say that’s okay. And it’s okay that we reminded you of it, right? I mean, you were already thinking about them nonstop, anyway. Wasn’t it cute when they smiled at you like that? Sorry.


Heartbreak is a bitch, and this article is not helping at all. Sorry about the fuckup.