5 Signs He Wants to be More than Friends, Almost like Sisters!

We’ve all been there! When you’re in what seems like your very own will-they or won’t-they relationship, it can be hard to read the signs. Does he want to be friends, or something more? Here are five signs that he secretly wants to take things to the next level and be more than friends, practically like sisters!


He notices things about you.

No one has ever seen you as he does. Sometimes you’ll be at work and you’ll look over just in time to catch him looking away. Then later he’ll pull you aside and whisper “I love your eyes! They’re the EXACT same shape and color as mine.” He is definitely interested in the possibility of being sisters – maybe even twins!


He remembers your parents’ names.

Mark. And Donna. It’s not like they’re hard names to remember, but none of the guys you date ever bother remembering your parents’ names, much less meeting them. With him, it’s something different. He really gets them. Sometimes when you’re eating lunch he’ll ask, “Did Donna make that PB&J? There’s SO much PB and that’s SO Donna. I wish she would make me lunch. I mean, she’s practically my mom too.” Before you know it, he won’t even need to remember their names because he’ll be saying, “Thanks for the sandwich, Mom.


He texts you from the next room.

It’s like he doesn’t want to spend a single moment apart. Like, when he’s over at your house for a sleepover—isn’t it crazy your parents let this boy sleep over?—and texts you from the bedroom down the hall “I feel so at home in your sister’s old room. I wish I could just live here with you. Thank Mom and Dad for letting me stay here tonight. Love you, sis. <3” Wow. I mean, he said it. “Love.”


He treats you like family.

It doesn’t matter how much he has going on. He’ll make time for you if he’s really interested. Maybe in the middle of finals week he’ll run up to you and say something like “I know this is crazy. But, I found this adoption form online last night and went ahead and had it printed and, like, my mother went ahead and signed it. So, now if your parents sign it, we can make this official!” It’s no marriage license…but it’s something!



He wants to share his life with you.

Remember yesterday, when he stormed into your room and said, “I’m going out tonight and I simply NEED something amazing to wear. So, I’m going to just grab that cute top you got at the mall last week. Toodles!” Stealing your favorite top? That’s a sister move for sure.


There you have it! If you’re noticing any of these signs in with your guy, he is probably ready to be more than friends! More like a sister! Toodles!