QUIZ: Is Your Mom Upset With You or Is She Just Thinking About Princess Diana Again?

Our mothers can be elusive at times. What’s going on in their beautiful minds? How can we know what plagues them? Every so often, a mother will look into the distance or in your direction with a quiet solemnity. You may find yourself wondering: why? Is she mad? Is she thinking about other things? Take this quiz to find out if your mom is currently upset with you or if she’s thinking about the late Princess Diana again and is merely upset with the world.


So, your mom appears upset. Has she said anything?

  1. No! She just looked at the stack of dishes in the sink and saw the dent in the car that I made this morning and got really quiet. What’s her deal?
  2. Yeah, she keeps muttering, “Cursed to live before her time,” and “Those fucking royals…” Is she mad at me?


What’s the context of this incident?

  1. Well, she told me she really needed the car last night, but I took it anyway. Then I dropped out of college. That’s not bad, right?
  2. We watched a docu-series about the royal family last night, and ever since, she’s been oddly melancholy. Despondent, even.


Is she now whispering, “Such a shame…such a shame…” under her breath?

  1. Yes, and she’s looking right at me.
  2. Yes, and she’s looking off into the distance, as if remembering a lost friend or perhaps someone who meant even more.


Is she doing anything to soothe her woes?

  1. Yeah, she’s left the room and refuses to look at me. Why’s she being so crazy right now?
  2. Yeah, she won’t stop watching interviews with Princess Diana where she seems slightly sad but hasn’t yet left the marriage. Should I call someone?


So, she came back into the room. What’s she saying now?

  1. Well, she’s pointing at me and yelling, “DIE!”
  2. Well, she’s pointing to the sky and crying, “Di!” As in Princess Di. I think it’s about Princess Diana.




Mostly 1s: Your mother is upset with you and for good reason. You sound like a real shit. Maybe pursue self-improvement before we kill ourselves, huh?

Mostly 2s: Your mother is, understandably, thinking about the late Princess Diana, taken before her time. There’s nothing you can do to help. She just has to go through this. Be gentle with her, and when this inevitably happens again in six months, understand there is nothing you can do to stop the cycle. It is simply womanhood, and it is pain. Hope this helps!