Mom Relating a Bit Too Much to Princess Diana

After binging The Crown, Princess Diana: In Her Own Words, and several podcasts on the topic of Charles and Diana, your mom is relating just a little bit too much to the tortured life of the deceased Princess of Wales.


“Diana was beloved by the whole world,” says your mom, who is still married to your father. “But she couldn’t get the love she needed from her own husband? God, that is so real.”


Mom, who has survived well past her 30s and remained solidly in the middle class for most of her life, has been bringing up Diana at almost every phone call and meal since November.



“When she wore that sexy black dress that showed off her cleavage and everybody judged her for it? That was my entire life in the 80s.”


Mom has also gone so far as to purchase the remake of one of Diana’s iconic sweaters as if to say that she too is royalty who was treated very badly by her family and the system at large.


“Diana wasn’t crazy, the world made her crazy,” says Mom, a point you actually do agree with when it comes to Diana.


“Just like me,” she added, to which you strongly disagree. “Plus we were both very beautiful and elegant.”


Although your father was mildly concerned about Mom’s obsession with Diana at first, he is now actively choosing to ignore her.