Mom Giving New Network Sitcom a Shot

Despite access to myriad streaming services offering commercial free and acclaimed television, your mom, Cambridge, MA resident Luanne Shapiro has decided to give a new network sitcom a shot.


“It’s okay!” says Luanne on the sitcom, the name of which she can’t remember right now. “I’m not saying it’s amazing, you probably wouldn’t like it, but it’s got some very nice moments, especially between those two guys.”


The show in question appears to be about a family, or two families, or a boy and a man, or a volunteer fire department.


“You know, it isn’t your Fleabag, but I like it!” says Luanne. “But I will say, I hate the one child actor. He just seems like a brat, and he’s very rude to that poor, stupid teacher. I don’t think she likes her job.”


Though you have never seen the show, you are now aware of your mom’s views on the morality of several characters, and of the fact that your step-dad Len didn’t like it at first, but he’s watching and possibly starting to get a little sucked in.


“I don’t know that I’ll keep with it,” Luanne says. “But I just love those two main guys together, they have a very funny dynamic, it’s like Lucy and Ethel but one of them is Black and one of them is Jewish. It’s nice!”


While your mom continually insists you probably wouldn’t like it, she simultaneously appears to be trying to convince you to give it a shot.


“Oh, you know, actually,” she says, “The daughter is a lesbian.”



You are reportedly unsure what to do with that.


“Well whatever, I guess no one is really watching it,” Luanne says. “I don’t mind, it’s like the characters are just my friends. And Len’s, but I don’t think he gets it as much.”


At press time, you were looking up the actors’ Instagram accounts to send your mom behind-the-scenes pictures that she will pretend not to care about but will make her secretly delighted.