‘How Can I Be A Better Ally?’ Says White Woman To White Friends

After watching several high school friends get relentlessly dragged in the comments on various social media platforms, 28-year-old Krystin Walker of Larchmont, NY felt the urge to do something more than just post a black square. But with so much information out there it can be tough to know what to do or where to turn if you’re truly looking to help and also avoid getting dragged. That’s why she turned to her best group of girlfriends who can always be counted on to give great advice and who are also white. Feeling ready to take action, she took the leap and messaged the group chat with a simple “Guys, for real, how can I be a better ally?”


Kayla wrote back with a shrug emoji.


“I’m serious, Kayla,” wrote Krystin. “You guys always give the best advice except for that time you told me bangs would look good. I’m really looking for an answer to this.”


“I guess I could ask my brother?” wrote Michelle. “He went to a protest a few weeks ago with an assault rifle and came back with a haircut so…I think he’s kinda political?”


No, that can’t be it, thought Krystin, remembering all the times Michelle’s brother tried to show her his dick. “Any other ideas?”


“Didn’t you used to kinda be friends with a black girl in like second grade? Maybe you can find her on Facebook and ask?”


“No, that feels very wrong,” said Krystin. She also couldn’t remember ever being friends with a black girl. That definitely can’t be part of the problem though.



“Maybe you should just like, Google it?” chimed in Kylie.


“Lol, Google it. Way to be a KAREN, Kylie,” replied Karen.


Well, keep at it Krystin, you’ll get there eventually, maybe, we hope!