Salon’s ‘Welcome Back’ Email Spirals Into Five-Page Meditation on the Human Condition

Sally’s Hair, a salon in Meridian, Mississippi, is reopening its doors. But not without a five-page missive from owner and namesake, Sally DeSantis.


“I think we all regret recent incidents,” opened Sally’s email, confusingly and vaguely, before meandering for five full pages in a vague call for community and togetherness.


“I know I’ve missed my customers,” Sally wrote, “and I hope you’ve missed your cuts.”


Parts of the letter updated customers on what Sally’s been up to in her home garden, before weaving that back in as a metaphor about “tough roots” and how tough her community is.


“It kinda felt like she was saying we had to come in and get our hair cut to support each other,” said regular customer Diane Ashville. “But I have a compromised immune system.”


“Also my husband’s been trimming my hair and frankly I think it looks better than before.”


All 54 people on Sally’s email list got the email, and a surprising amount read every word.



“It was so confusing I thought she was going to tell us someone died or that the business was closing or something,” says Arlene Winter. “So I kept skimming to try to figure out what it was about.”


Nowhere in the email did Sally explain the Salon’s new revised hours and mask policies. But it did end with a potentially inspiring message.


“In this uncertain hour, let’s let our hair shine!”