‘All Women Need to Stick Together,’ Says Woman With Only White Friends

In a recent Facebook post regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, 26-year-old Kayleigh Barton said that, “All women need to stick together.”


Barton, whose friend circle happens to be exclusively white, has implored her friends to back each other up, no matter the cost.


“I’m a feminist, so I know us ladies sticking together is really important,” said Barton, whose idea of what “together” means is up for debate.


Ms. Barton, who has never had any close friends that are people of color, went on to explain how crucial it is in this political climate to create intentional communities of women.


The members of her various feminist organizations, however, found Ms. Barton’s proclamation a little fishy.


“I’ve been working in the same spaces as Kayleigh for a year now,” said Katrina Luong. “She has never gone out of her way to include women of color in her activism until very recently. And she definitely hasn’t even tried to hang out with us and we’ve definitely invited her.”



But Ms. Barton continues to preach, despite her lack of practicing.


“If we’re going to keep perspective, we all need to foster community and friendship with all kinds of women, including ones who are different than us,” said Barton.


“And how we’re going to achieve that, I really don’t know.”