‘I Can’t Believe That Guy Would Treat Women Like That’ Says Guy Who Treats Women Like That

After comforting his close friend Ashley Havenrock after she went through a tough breakup that involved cheating, Austin resident Kevin Renn was quick to say, “I can’t believe he’d treat women like that” despite the fact that he himself has definitely treated women like that.


“I just cannot fathom men having that kind of disrespect for women,” says Kevin, even though he has absolutely done the exact same thing and has no plans to stop doing it in future relationships.


While Kevin has been incredibly present for his friend Ashley post-breakup, he hasn’t quite made the connection that he’s treated women similarly.


Still, Kevin has threatened to track Ashley’s ex down to teach him a lesson.


“I want to let him know that it’s absolutely not okay to treat my amazing friend like this,” says Kevin.


When asked whether he’d be okay if one of his ex’s friends came after him, he said: “Wait, no! Wait. But isn’t this a very different situation in that I am not the one doing something wrong?”


When reached for comment, Kevin’s ex-girlfriends definitely had harsh words to say about their former beau.


“Kevin was a really bad boyfriend who broke my trust time and time again,” says Lisa Peters. “And now he’s outraged that Ashley’s getting treated badly when he did the same thing to me? I don’t see any apology from him!”



“You can’t be horrible and then be mad when people are horrible just like you,” says Suzanna Cutler. “I mean I guess you can, but you can’t expect it to make any sense to anyone. You’re gonna get shit for it.”


Despite this, Kevin doesn’t seem to be coming to terms with his reprehensible behavior anytime soon.


“I would never cheat on you,” Kevin said to Ashley. “But I have cheated on women who look a lot like you and are basically really similar to you in every way.”