Drunk Woman Eating Pizza Feels Really Good About Supporting Local Business

A social media manager by day and a community activist by night, 28-year-old Amanda Jones is passionate about supporting local business. On Friday night, after supporting several of the local neighborhood bars, Jones headed to Maria’s Pizza, where she can be found nearly every weekend after midnight.


From the moment she entered, Jones’ passion was immediately clear.


“Oh my god, I looooooove this place!!!” the passionate activist screamed in support of her local restaurant. She then ran over to the counter where she cut in front of another customer to loudly order two plain slices with a side of ranch dressing.


“Don’t forget the ranch!” Jones shouted as she paid in quarters.


“This is my laundry money, ahahaha!” she joked, amusing neither the employee forced to recount her coins, several of which were buttons.


“I just love that I can give back to the neighborhood in this way and I know they’re so appreciative,” says Jones. “But really, I feel like I should be the one thanking them.”


Jones paused, taking a deep breath as though reflecting on her deep admiration.


“Because this pizza is BOMB AS FUCK!” she shouted while banging her fist on the table, causing several customers to stare in her direction.


Jones left her supportive vibes at the restaurant, along with a pile of used napkins and a tipped over jar of red pepper flakes.


“Amanda is so, so amazing,” said Paisley Wilson, Jones’ sorority sister who was with her on Friday night. “It’s just so awesome that she goes out of her way to support her local community week after week.”


Jones’ support hasn’t gone unnoticed by the restaurant’s staff and management.



“We just wish she could support us a little less loudly,” said Maria Ricci, the owner of Maria’s Pizza. “It really disturbs the rest of our customers, several of whom are also regulars but you don’t see them making such a big deal out of it.”


“If you really want to impact the neighborhood, tutor children or pick up trash,” Ricci added.


All we know is that Amanda Jones has caught the giving bug, and we don’t see her stopping her support of local business anytime soon.