Cute Date-Night Outfits That Say, ‘I Like a Little Choking’

Still primping for your date with that cute, broad-handed hottie? We get it—you’re excited for a new prospect! But underneath all that pre-date excitement is just one butterfly-inducing thought: Will he mind choking me just a little?! Worry not! We’ve got a few stylish suggestions for a sweet-girl look that’ll have him lightly placing his hand in a V around your throat mid-coitus:


Crop Top with High-Waisted Pants

Match high-waisted skinnies with a crop top so he’ll know to consensually crop your air flow. Pants give off a chill, laid-back vibe, while the revealing shirt says, “I really can’t get wet if I’m not a little spooked, it’s no big deal.” Wear this to a movie date! You’ll be getting neck-pinned against a theater seat during The Peanuts Movie faster than Charlie Brown can say, “AUGH!”



Romper with a Nice Belt

Guys can’t seem to wrap their heads around the romper trend, but they’ll definitely wrap their fingers around your head-holder when you wear one! Break up this outfit with a belt to be extra clear how you feel about constriction.


Pink Beaded Sweater with Ripped Jeans

This outfit will do all the explaining for a gal who likes her denim ripped and her thorax nipped. Small, shimmery beads let your man know that you’re not afraid of a little choking hazard. Pink lets him know you’re a woman. We guarantee that this precious combo will take his breath away, just like his grip on your carotid artery will temporarily take yours. Does anyone else feel lightheaded? Mmm!


Oxford Shirt with a Maxi Skirt

Showing skin is overrated. A maxi skirt will give your guy extra fabric to rip off after you eat salads together and play breath-control in the parking lot of a Sweet Green. Pair with a long-sleeved shirt to take your look from It Girl to a little more like Amy from Gone Girl. Hot!! You’re doing great.



Leather Shorts with a Silk V-Neck Shirt

Fact: Leather shorts turn anyone into a badass. Wear these babies for a date and you’re just one step away from getting your trachea held by a man’s thumb! Throw on a silk V-neck for softness and encouraging exposure. When he finally understands what you want you’ll be all “Can I live??” but in a sexy way.


Finding an outfit that’s great for date night and a little choking can be tough. But we’ve got your back with these adorable ensembles that definitely shout, “just fucking do it!”