Mom Rationing Out the Shrimp

It’s Taco Tuesday at the Hagen household, and due to several missteps, sources within your family indicate mom is now rationing out the shrimp.


“Okay so everyone take three,” your mom ordered as family approached the stovetop with plates. “And then there will be two left, so whichever two people really want another shrimp, I’ll let you work that out among yourselves.”


“I’m sorry, I thought we had more,” Mom added, despite no complaints from anyone. “But I guess maybe we’ll do one shrimp taco, and the rest can be with the cauliflower, or even just beans and cheese, and we’ve got those salsas, let’s bring those to the table.”


While everything was going smoothly as your mom quietly did a recount of the shrimp to herself, unanticipated confusion arose when your sister announced she would not be eating any shrimp due to her vegetarianism.


“Hm, I didn’t know that,” said your visibly flustered mom. “Okay, so, everyone gets four shrimp, but maybe spread them onto two tacos because Olivia will need more cauliflower. Vegetarian? Okay.”


Olivia reiterated that she has been a vegetarian for three years.


“Right,” said your mom. “But not even a little shrimp?”


“Anyway, everyone take their four now,” mom added. “I don’t even know if I want that many. I really thought I was just going to have three, I ate shredded cheese while I was cooking.”



Your step dad reports she is doing a great job.