QUIZ: Are You Annoyed at Your Friends Because You’ve Grown or Are You a Cranky Bitch?

Sometimes relationships evolve out of compatibility. If you find yourself annoyed with your friends’ behavior, it could be a sign you’re growing apart, or it could be a sign you’re just being a cranky bitch. Take this quiz to see if you have grown in maturity or if you should really get some sleep and be a little nicer:


What were some of the things that annoyed you about your hang?

  1. My friends only listened to one person who whined about different restaurant choices and one of them loudly giggled after the waiter messed something up.
  2. They wanted me to come all the way into Manhattan to meet them. I don’t wanna travel boroughs on a Sunday!
  3. They ordered an uber without asking everybody if it was ok to split the cost, so I kept on saying passive aggressive things like, “Now, look who’s Ms. Money bags over here,” instead of saying I just didn’t want to pay for one.



Did your friends say anything specific that annoyed you?

  1. One of them made fun of how their coworker got really nervous during a presentation and was sweating through their shirt, which felt really mean.
  2. One girl who’s been dating the same guy for like seven months was telling us about how it’s going so great, and it’s like cool, okay, that’s boring and I don’t really care.
  3. My friend said something vaguely judgmental to another friend, so I spent the rest of the night rolling my eyes whenever she would start talking.


What kind of self-work have you been doing since you last connected with your friends?

  1. I’ve been going to a lot of therapy and really trying to exist as a kinder, stabler, and more emotionally available person to the people in my life.
  2. I have mostly been watching TV and interacting with no one except my roommates.
  3. I’ve been doing the work, unlike my friends who just don’t get it, man!


What did you do after you were annoyed with your friends?

  1. I felt sad that I felt so distant from them, but acknowledged that sometimes people don’t grow in the same directions. Then I signed up for a soccer league so I could meet some new people.
  2. I talked shit about them with three other friends for a while. And I left the group chat because I hate going out!
  3. I talked to my therapist for most of our session about how these people are just so dumb and immature. Like really?





Mostly 1’s: You have grown. Unfortunately, growing apart from certain people is a sad truth in life. On the bright side, there are still probably people who think in similar ways to you either in your life, or out there for you to meet!


Mostly 2’s: You are a cranky bitch. Going out is annoying, but don’t take it out on your friends, just don’t go out! You are actually being the annoying one.


Mostly 3’s: You’ve grown, but you’re being a cranky bitch about it. Just because you know your friends are behaving immaturely doesn’t make you better than them. You have to react maturely to it, too. Sorry, bitch!