How to Support Saving the Bees Even Though They Were Responsible for the Death of Your Childhood Best Friend

Bees are dying at exponentially high rates. Without these valuable insects, many of Earth’s ecosystems would cease to function. Although bees kill roughly 1,000 people a year, it is up to all of us to support these hardworking creatures. Here is how to support saving the bees even though they are responsible for murdering the only person who ever truly loved and understood you.


Purchase a “Save the Bees” shirt

Buying and wearing a “Save the Bees” t-shirt will help raise awareness about the need to save the bees, and then other people will maybe do something about it. Surely, enabling others to save the bees is not a betrayal to the memory of Jessica. Sweet Jessica. Plus, if you buy it from a seller across the country it will be even worse for the environment, and then maybe even more bees will die. Not that that’s what you want or anything, but it’s something to think about.



Only save the breeds of bees that did not kill your friend

There are thousands of breeds of bees in the world. All bees should not have to suffer due to the actions of a few bad apples. When donating money to organizations in charge of bee conservation, ask them which type of bees they work with. Don’t be afraid to start a campaign to boycott donations to the bees that are the reason you don’t allow people to get close to you emotionally because of what happened in the woods that day.


Remember that the bees who killed Jessica are already dead

If you’re struggling to get excited about saving the bees due to the fact that they robbed your childhood best friend of the chance to grow up, and who knows, maybe she was your soul mate, then just remember that the hive that went after her at your birthday party all died in the process. Hopefully, reflecting on this reality will help you realize that the death of those bees isn’t justice ¬– but it’s a start.


In a world where people are demonized for not caring about the environment, it can be tricky balancing your personal beef with bees and your desire to be viewed as a good person. No one wants to be the asshole who doesn’t care about innocent animals, even if they seemed to have targeted the one person dearest to you who was deathly allergic to bees. So, if you want to save the bees without actually ensuring that they live longer and multiply, follow these helpful tips!