The Prima Cup – For a Woman’s Special Time of the Day!

You’re a modern woman on the go! Between your successful career, perfect family life, and inability to look at your own body without being overwhelmed by self-hatred, you just don’t have the time to fuss with complicated diets. You need something easy. Something earth-friendly. And something private. You need Prima Cup!


Prima Cup is a food collection device that is inserted directly into the esophagus. So you can get on with your day!
prima cup

It goes where?

That’s right, it goes right in “there” – inside your throat.


How does it work?

Prima Cup prevents food absorption by collecting all the food you eat in a soft silicone bell. This is great for women who want to hide their crippingly warped relationship with food from friends and coworkers.


How long can I wear it?

It’s safe to wear through breakfast, lunch, dinner, shame-dinner, and bed-dinner, so about 12 hours. Just empty it when you’re done!



Where do I keep my Prima cup during juice cleanses?

You can put it in the stylish medical-grade silicone container provided. Or you can put it in your vagina! Just kidding; that would be gross.


Is Prima Cup good for the environment?

Yes! Prima Cup prevents messy and wasteful bowel movements, which is great for Mother Earth. Poop can contribute to up to 95% of the world’s pollution.* You’ll be eco-conscious while losing consciousness!


Can I sit down? I don’t feel so good.



*estimated figure