The 7 Best Presents for Parents that Require No Tech Support

Best Presents For Parents

‘Tis the season for gathering holiday gifts for those special to you, and seeing the joy they bring once opened. While some of us have parents who are very tech-savvy, the rest of us must deal with the agony of setting up any technology we give them and providing continued tech support for the rest of the year. If you see a digital photo frame as curse rather than a blessing, here are gift ideas that can take the tech-stress out of the picture this season:

1. Wall Calendar

Next year is on the horizon, and your parents need some way of planning for it without the using the PC or smartphone they already have. It’s important that this gift is made of paper and requires only a tack from the junk drawer to function.

2. Decorative Phonograph

The fear in your parents’ eyes will be dispelled as soon as you tell them, “It’s decorative!” They’ll love imagining the old-timey music coming from it while they sit and read the Sunday paper.

3. Stationery

This gift promises correspondence that doesn’t require an email address, computer, smartphone, or any other kind of phone. All the heavy lifting is left to the Postal Service. Bonus gift: Include a book of forever stamps as a stocking stuffer.


4. Potpourri

Like candles, but even less complicated. You don’t even need to take it out of the sachet! “All you have to do is smell it!” is a phrase you can shout as Mom opens it.

5. Fruit Basket

Beautiful, delicious, and with planned obsolescence your parents can understand! Zero assembly required.

6. Handkerchiefs

If their grandfather used one on a daily basis, there’s a good chance your parents won’t question it.

7. Basket of Pine Cones

Let them do with them what they will.