Woman’s Goal Weight is Just Fitting Between Two Parked Cars

Louisville resident Jackie Winston announced to close friends and family her commitment to her brand new goal weight: being able to fit between two parked cars.


“Jackie’s been on and off fad diets for months,” says her roommate, Vanessa Openheimer. “Every few weeks she’s in the kitchen pouring cashew milk and bananas into the blender, or filling our pantry with on-hand snacks like honey roasted peanuts and actual tree bark.”


Up until recently, Winston hadn’t found the right motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle. That is, until she took a trip to her local Best Buy with her mother, Debra.


“We were having one of our typical girl’s days, trying out electronics and buying old Mad About You DVD box sets,” Debra says. “As we were leaving, Jackie decided to take a shortcut through two parked cars, and she couldn’t fit. She was not happy about it! Since then, she’s had a sort of maniacal look in her eye and seems very determined.”


Not backing down, Winston recently replaced all of her #thinspiration pictures on her refrigerator with cut outs from Car And Driver Magazine.


The new development didn’t come without reservations from Jackie’s personal trainer, Jorf Rundberg.


“I keep telling her to stay away from scales or measurements but when I did she screamed in my face ‘the cars do not own me!’ It was intense, but she did beat her push-up goal right after that.”



Despite Jorf’s hesitations, Jackie’s new goal weight has proven to be quite the motivator! She’s finally stuck to a manageable eating plan, exercises three times a week, and does consistent weekly weigh-ins, or as she calls them “walk-throughs.”


“I return to the Best Buy parking lot every Sunday to walk through parked cars,” Jackie says. “It’s so great to not be dominated by a scale. So many women strip down to nothing just to see a number change. Not me—I just wear a skin tight Lycra suit for no added bulk and slip and slide through Toyota Corollas.”
The path to healthy living is not always easy. Onlookers reported that last Sunday, Winston had a full-fledged meltdown when her butt grazed the handle of a Honda Civic.