Everyone Loved Megan’s Sign for the March But She’s Not Even Funny in Real Life

Protesters who took part in the Women’s Marches across the country on Saturday came prepared with signs to protest Donald Trump, many of which were shared online and went viral. The majority of those were praised for being hilarious, including Megan’s sign, which is crazy because she’s not even funny in real life.


Protestors at the march were excited about Megan’s sign, describing it as “super hilarious,” “so original,” and “someone get this girl on SNL!”


Yet according to friends, Megan, who considers herself a “basic bitch,” isn’t actually funny.



“As the funny one in our friend group, I was shocked to find out about Megan’s sign,” says Mary, a friend of Megan’s. “She laughs out loud at The Big Bang Theory!”


Others close to Megan aren’t confident she even came up with it on her own.


“Wait, you’re telling me Megan actually wrote that sign?” Sarah, another friend, asks. “Are you sure she didn’t see her scroll through the #WomensMarch Instagram feed and then write it? That sounds more like Megan.”


Although friends remain skeptical of her comedic sensibilities, Megan claims her sign is an original, and that she actually “has a great sense of humor.”


“I did it for the validation, though of course it felt good to do something worthwhile in the process,” Megan says. “But I do take a lot of quirky photos and share a lot of relatable GIFs. Mostly about how much I eat, which is funny because I am very thin.”


Friends aren’t going to forget this that easily.


“I mean, we’re really happy about the march,” Sarah says. “But the big surprise of the day was Megan. I’m sure it was a fluke.”