Pooping in the Shower is Just Something On-the-Go Women Do!

Me Time for Mom:

You never poop in the shower? I don’t believe you. If you don’t then you obviously don’t have a full-time job, or kids, or a mortgage to pay. Pooping in the shower is something every modern woman does to keep up with her busy lifestyle.


Do you know how many things the average woman has to do to get ready in the morning? Hair, makeup, coffee, getting dressed and eating breakfast – if we’re lucky! And we’re supposed to fit in the act of defecation into all of that?! Where and when? Certainly not at the office! No woman climbed the corporate ladder by pooping at the office.


There is only one logical solution: pooping in the shower. Multi-tasking women know how to shave, shampoo, and poo all in one go.


Sure, it would be great to go into the bathroom with a newspaper and lazily shit away the afternoon like some male executive, but some of us don’t have that luxury. Some of us have meetings to attend, peer reviews to conduct, and bosses who need to complain to us about their divorce. Some of us are burdened with children, boyfriends who are depressed, or husbands who are running for Senate. Does it really seem like we have time to just sit on a toilet?!



Pooping in the shower is something that honest, working women must do; women who’ve had to earn their achievements, not women with dads who own four Dairy Queen franchises in the greater Dallas area. Women who drink at lunch just to get through the day, not because they feel like it. Women who understand the efficiency of running water and the wastefulness of toilet paper. These are the women who succeed – these are the women who poop in the shower.


So the next time you wake up with more on your plate than a man could ever handle, do yourself a favor and take a dump in the shower.