Women Take Sides in the War on Women

Reductress - War on Women

As the war on women gains unprecedented momentum, women have had no choice but to choose a side for or against their own advancement in society. Increasingly more women are supporting the war on women in this bitter civil battle.
“This isn’t just a man’s fight,” one woman noted, who stands firmly against women. “This is America. Women are just as empowered to fight against their own well-being as anyone on this green Earth.”
When asked what this phase—signifying tremendous political setback for the rights of all women—means to the anti-women faction, one woman stopped, stared, and responded, “We’re simply defending our way of life.”
Another woman fighting counter to her own plight states, “I didn’t know there was a war happening, but as soon as I found out, I hopped on the first truck out of my small town and headed straight for battle. I sat in the back of a dark truck bed and woke up outside a Planned Parenthood ready to defend my right not to choose.”

The war has been fought unlike any other war the country has faced, with skirmishes occurring in small midwestern towns and outside health clinics, churches, and other publicly subsidized institutions. One anti-woman skirmish centered on the reauthorized Violence Against Women act, where one woman told us, “I don’t need the government telling my husband how he should treat his own property.”
The anti-woman faction is suffering hardest at home, where some women have found themselves fighting against their own sisters, cousins, and mothers. Thousands of mothers have lost rhetorical battles against their pro-woman daughters in regions where conservative talk radio and chain emails are scarce.
One concerned mother notes she “may not have enough ammunition to last through the holiday season.”
Three anti-women women—and one man who is trying to sleep with them—held a rally last Sunday at a local church. One of their signs read: “We’re not gonna let other women not take it anymore!”