Plans To Grab Drinks Soon Only Thing Holding Friendship Together

Longtime acquaintances Sue Vine and Mireya Endara have never been that close. And while they have talked about getting drinks soon several times in the past five years, at this point, their friendship is marked by little more than the occasional text to “grab drinks soon” and nothing more.


“I so wanna hang with Mireya,” said Sue, who does not actually wanna hang with Mireya. “But we just keep missing each other. We’ll grab a drink sooner or later!”


Sue and Mireya were accidental roommates for a summer in college, six years ago, when Sue’s roommate subletted her room to Mireya. During that time the two hung out once, and since then have been barely staying in touch, with a vast majority of their communication being reciprocated loose plans to “meet a bar one of these days.”


“We just can’t seem to pin each other down,” said Mireya, who has been making a bare minimum effort to do so. “But we have to catch up over drinks soon. It’s a must!”


People closer to the two women see the futility of the situation.


“I’ve never heard Sue say anything positive about Mireya,” said Frankie DelArte, Sue’s best friend. “In fact, I’ve never heard Sue say anything about Mireya. So it’s strange that they’re both so committed to their hypothetical drink plans.”


“They’re not actually ever gonna grab a drink,” added Courtney Arosso, Mireya’s closest pal. “They could easily just…stop communicating. But without this, they wouldn’t really be able to call this a friendship, so they so they just keep hanging on.”


But for Sue and Mireya, the façade is worth keeping up.



“This weekend, without a doubt, we absolutely have to grab drinks,” said Sue. “No ifs, ands, or buts. You and me, at that little bar downtown, catching up.”


“Ooh, this weekend isn’t great for me,” responded Mireya. “But soon!”


“Yeah, definitely soon!” added Sue.