Phew! Liz Posted A Video Update On Why She’s Been So Quiet On Here Lately

In a post that sent a sigh of relief through the community, Liz finally posted a video to Instagram explaining exactly why she’s been “so quiet on here lately.”


It turns out Liz had been doing some traveling and was also busy with “some exciting new developments at work.”


Thank God, Liz! We were worried about you these past few days!


“I was really worried, but I don’t like to bother her,” says Liz’s mom, Eloise Marshall. “So instead of asking I’ve just been kind of lurking, hoping she’ll post something to let us know she’s okay. Turns out she was. This video was really reassuring.”


Various friends of Liz’s expressed utter relief at the video’s revelations that Liz had been busy with normal everyday things and one exciting development she can’t talk about yet and that there was a method to her madness of disappearing from the internet for several days on end.


“I look forward to Liz’s posts,” says Liz’s former theater buddy Evangeline Olmstead. “I’m really glad she checked in, because you never know if someone’s having health troubles or something. My aunt has cancer.”



“Oh, I texted her almost a week ago already,” says Sharon Anderson, one of Liz’s close friends. “I was like, girl what is up with you?! She told me about the work stuff and the new development she can’t talk about then, but it was still nice to see her face back online today!”


“I’ll try not to make a habit of this,” Liz joked towards the end of her four-minute video update. “I don’t like to leave you all hanging!”