5 Outfits for the Family Cookout that Say, ‘Stop It, We’re Cousins’

Summer is heating up and that means lots of picnics, backyard pool parties and barbecues with your family! Somewhere between scarfing down your aunt’s potato salad and tuning out your Grandpa, your cousin Darryl who is not-not-hot will inevitably swing by and ask you how life is going. Here’s a list of trendy outfits that say, “Nice to see you, Darryl, but just a reminder, we are blood related.”


French Terry Tie Dress (Gap, $60)_1 gap
This adorable tie front dress is fashionable enough to wear but loose enough to completely hide the shape of your body and distract from the kind of weird attraction you both have for each other. Your sister’s kids might mistake you for a beach towel, but this outfit will tell Darryl, “Stop it; we’re family!”







_2 striped maxiStrapless Striped Maxi Dress (LolliCulture, $14)

Who doesn’t love a good maxi dress? Not only will the length of this dress protect your legs from pesky mosquito bites, but the stripes will also remind Cousin Darryl of his few stints in juvy, which will hopefully serve as a warning to behave. Chunky wedges will go great with this dress, and are perfect for stomping on Darryl’s feet underneath the table when he tries to play footsie.






Silence + Noise Oversized Jumpsuit (Urban Outfitters, $69)_3 jumpsuit
This oversized jumpsuit is super versatile! Dress it down by pairing it with an equally oversized men’s button-down for a look that quietly screams, “Our moms are sisters!” Hopefully Darryl will be completely turned off by the saggy diaper look and move on to hitting on your second cousin Tina. Sorry, Tina!








_4tshirtLyric Culture Can’t Always Get What You Want Tee (Urban Outfitters, $49)
Pair this bold graphic tee with a pair of cut off denim shorts for a rock-n-roll chic look that reminds him that you’re willing to have fun but you are also willing to punch him if he keeps smiling like that.







Caroline Constas Lou Off-the-Shoulder Striped Cotton Oxford Dress (Polyvore, $495)_5dress
Laura Ingalls Wilder meets Martha Stewart in this dress that’s perfect for a more formal backyard picnic. Finish the look with a pair of cowgirl boots and a hat so wide, no one will be able to come within three feet of you. The dress also helps you blend into the picnic tablecloth when Darryl pats your lower back in a way that doesn’t feel familial. Stop it, Darryl!







With these outfits, you’re sure to have a blast at the family cookout, even if you would probably make out with him if things were different. Remember: He may be good-looking, but he’s still your family!