7 Wrap Dresses For That Family Thing This Weekend

The weather is getting warmer, people are graduating, and you’ve got to find an outfit for that family thing for that cousin you’ve only sort of met. Whatever. Here are the PERFECT wrap dresses that scream, “I’ve got to go to a thing this weekend.”


Succinct Distinction Dress ($34.99, ModCloth)modcloth1

Your cousin is graduating! Well, technically it’s your dad’s cousin’s stepdaughter, but “cousin” is easier than going into the drama that was that was your dad’s cousin’s remarriage, blah blah blah, super long story but that’s why you can’t make it to Jenny’s birthday this weekend.







Black Sleeveless Wrap Dress ($128, Banana Republic)bananarepublic2

Ah yes, your grandparents’ anniversary party. Your mom told you the wrong dates and now you’re gonna have to make do with whatever the outlet mall down the street has to offer. Twirl the night away in this gorgeous and right-in-front-of-the-store dress that will totally suffice for this family thing!






Dot Wrap Dress ($119, Ann Taylor)anntaylor3

I guess it’s not completely crazy to have to go to your mom’s coworker’s daughter’s baptism. I mean, you did meet her that one time, and her name is maybe Monika? You’ll need something appropriate for church and for several helpings of buffet-style Polish food afterward, and this should probably work.






Printed Faux-Wrap Twist Dress ($74.99, Anne Klein)anneklein4

So you went home to visit your parents and got yourself invited to the new neighbors’ housewarming BBQ. You haven’t lived in that house for almost a decade, but your parents don’t want to “start off on the wrong foot.” Is this seriously worth going home for? You have a busy life and this isn’t even a family thing. This dress will help you look polished but not intimidatingly hot which is good because you will never see these people again.







Draped Wrap Dress ($39.99, Mango)mango5

Your aunt has been leading up to her 50th birthday party with an entire year of monthly emails counting down to the BIG DAY. While you drunkenly slurred that you “…gotta go home early tonight… family thing…” that didn’t stop you from drinking all night and passing out on the train and missing her stop in the suburbs. Better get a classy wrap dress to cover that shit up!






Thalia Sodi Printed Surplice Wrap Dress ($51.99, Macy’s)thaliasodi6

When your coworkers ask you what you’re up to this weekend, the answer is “the zoo” with “your mom” but it’s best to keep it vague. You need a dress that will accentuate your waist beautifully and hopefully stop you from being confused for a zoo worker like last year (hey, those khakis were on sale!).






French Connection Argan Rose Long Sleeve Jersey Dress ($73, ASOS)frenchconnection7

Your cousin is throwing her annual pretentious tea party, and you have about as much enthusiasm for it as you do for this ensemble. It’s as close as you can get to her dress code which was described on the invitation as “cream and sugar”. You know, most other people you know don’t spend this much time with their family. What gives?







There you go, ladies! Here are enough wrap dresses to cover all of the dreaded family things that aren’t really worth mentioning to anyone who asks. Have fun!