Cute Summer Shoes That Can’t Hold a Candle to Flip Flops

Summer is around the corner! Time to find an adorable pair of summer shoes that you won’t wear because flip-flops are better. Read on to find the perfect wedges and flats that you’ll take off after 10 minutes of walking to put on the same flip-flops you’ve had since high school.


Aldo Faux Wooden Wedges (Designer Shoe Warehouse, $49.95)1 Aldo Wedges DSW

These cruelty-free wedges are perfect for outdoorsy events like your hot neighbor’s backyard party. They look so much like the real deal that someone might even mistake them for chopped wood and try to throw your feet in the fire! How fun! Unfortunately, you won’t be wearing them out since these shoes don’t even come close to the comfort of your flip-flops. Nice try, normal shoes!





2 Free People EspadrillesVegan Milly Platform Espadrilles (Free People, $128)

It’s music festival season and these espadrilles will look perfect with that crocheted bodysuit you’re planning to wear! Keep in mind that they are hand-wash only, so be sure to watch out for grass stains, spilled beverages, and vomit. Or take them off and just wear flip-flops instead because honestly, are you really going to wear espadrilles at a music festival?





Yosi Samra Foldable Ballet Flats (Nordstrom, $85.95)3 Yosi Samra Flats Nordstrom

Summer’s the perfect time for a spontaneous road trip with your friends! You’ll need a pair of shoes that are comfortable whether you’re in the driver’s seat or sitting shotgun, pretending to be asleep after a full weekend with those people. These foldable ballet flats are cute as all get-out, but you probably won’t wear them because your feet get hot in the summer. Grab your old flip-flops that are almost falling apart instead, and tell those flats to get out of here!





4 Macys Gladiator SandalsFergalicious Graceful Tall Gladiator Sandals (Macy’s, $49.99)

These classic gladiator sandals are going to look great with your monokini that you can barely see under your cover-up. You’re all about beach fashion, but will you really wear shoes that take more than half a second to take on or off? Of course not. That’s why you’re going to be wearing some even more classic flip-flops instead.






HAZY Lace Up Heels (ASOS, $58.23)5 Asos Lace-Up Heels

These sexy lace-up heels are sure to make you the center of attention, but you’re more of a barefoot dancer anyway, so why bother with these contraptions where you have to unwrap your way out of the shoes? You can still be the center of attention in flip-flops for all the wrong reasons, and that’s okay! Nothing else matters but you and your flip-flops!





No matter what cute summer shoes you buy, make sure you have a pair of flip-flops nearby because seriously, why did you even buy those other shoes in the first place?