4 Outfits That Say, ‘I’m Ovulating!’

Hate Date - Reductress

It can be hard to talk about your fertility cycle, especially with your partner. You don’t want your man to feel like a sperm bank, but that magic window of ovulation is only open for so long. Prop that window open a little wider with these four flirty outfits that say, “Hey man, I’m ovulating. Let’s do this thing.” – so you don’t have to!


1. The Subtle Triangle

This ancient fertility symbol will penetrate deep into his subconscious and activate a socio-biological imperative to reproduce. A dress or romper with an all-over triangle pattern offers the subtle hint of womb and says, “Hey man… I’m definitely ovulating.” It’s a discreet and fun way to trick him into handing over the goods (his semen).

2. The Yoga Mother

Yoga pants are a gentle reminder of your natural hip flexibility, pelvic strength, and butt shape. Ease into a full wheel pose to show that you’ll literally bend over backwards to make this baby thing happen. Drive the message home by saying, “You know who I’d really like to learn child’s pose from? A child… our child. Now put a baby in me.”

3. Eve in the Garden

Budget-friendly and all-natural, this outfit hearkens back to when the first man and woman romped naked through Paradise. A few strategically placed palm fronds and some tit-curtain hair will have your man thinking, “I wanna play God with you, too. Let me ejaculate into your canal immediately.”

4. Eggs

For the man who doesn’t take hints well, an egg costume is the surest way to tell your man you’re ovulating. Simply point at yourself and say, “There is one of these in me right now.” Breathable and durable, this outfit can even be re-purposed for Halloween! Available in stores or online, this outfit says, “I don’t care that we’re at your niece’s christening. My eggs are dropping as we speak. Lose the pants.”


Trying for a baby is hard, but good communication doesn’t have to be! All it takes is the right outfit to say everything that your mouth isn’t.