His Hottest, Most Secret Sex Fantasy: More Hand Stuff

Cute Ways Clit

You’ve proven that you’re an adventurous gal, ready to make his naughtiest fantasies a reality. You’ve done oils, stripteases – even light bondage. But what does he really want? We got dudes all over the country to dish, and an unsurprising 100% of respondents made it clear that what men really want is your sexiest asset: your palms.


“Honestly, I wish she’d go down South more – all the way to the bottom of her arms – and just start dryly yanking, however seems right to her.”

– Jeff, 26


“Women, please know: we love it when you root around down there, trying to figure out what hurts and what feels kind of good.”

– Russell, 28


“The instant I put a ring on her finger, she just stopped fumbling with my junk. I’m like, babe, put that shiny finger to work and poke around my pants a little.”

– Max, 31


“My coworker is always bragging about how he ‘totally got some handjibbers’ over the weekend. It fills me with longing for the sizzling hot grab-a-thons of my early twenties.”

– Josh, 34



“When my girlfriend and I first got together, I couldn’t STOP her from weakly rummaging around down there. Now it’s maybe two tugs and then BOOM, intercourse. I wish we could recapture some of that painful, ticklish heat.”

– Devon, 23


“It’s hard not to stare when I see a girl crushing a Popsicle in her fist. I’m like, damn, what else can those hands do?”

– Maurice, 38


“The last woman I dated was amazing, but we just weren’t compatible handy-wise. She would try to bring lube or lotion into it and I’d think, ‘Wow, you are really not getting this.'”

– Sam, 33


“I’m not saying it’s the most important thing, but if she’s not tentatively inching towards your balls, then retracting her hand so fast it scratches the shaft, well… it obviously speaks to other issues in your relationship.”

– Miguel, 30


“My girl’s all hands. No complaints.”

– Shane, 15


So how to put it into action? While he’s sighing and mechanically directing his junk towards your boring mouth, whip out your hand, make that tight fist and get to work! He’ll be so stoked to be stroked, he might even do that thing to your nipples where he’s alternately way too gentle and way too rough.