6 Chore Reminders to Shave into Your Vagina for Him

vagina - reductress

Getting your man to do chores is a chore in itself! If sticky notes and oven magnets aren’t doing the trick, it’s time to use the space he pays attention to the most: your vagina! These six handy designs are sure to grab his short span of attention while he attends to your short strands of affection.


1. A Laundry Hamper
Shaving a hamper or spin-cycle design is sure to remind him to do a load of laundry once in awhile. If you’re feeling adventurous with the clippers, try a basket weave design to mimic the texture of your twine-like pubes and your wicker hamper. Your extra effort may even get him to iron!


2. Plunger
The toilet has overflowed, but you don’t want to ruin the mood with your nagging voice asking him to fix it. Since he’s more likely to encounter your vagina before this urgent chore, etching this reminder will make him feel like even more of a man when he finishes both jobs.


3. Basil Leaves
That herb garden he seeded this spring is now overgrown. Shaving a leaf into your pubis will get him to transplant the herbs to a bigger plot, and he’ll appreciate you trimmed YOUR wily garden.



4. Bottle of White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor
His mother’s birthday is next week, and this year, he won’t forget it. Though she refers to you as “she-yeti,” you’re not going to let him fail his filial obligations. In her old age, she’s become completely unaware of how much perfume she uses and you’re not going to let her miss one day of disgusting the people around her by trimming your pussy normally.


5. Cedric the Entertainer
Remind your man to DVR reruns of your favorite show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” with Cedric’s winning smile and sassy fedora. Now you can snuggle up on the couch with Cedric and your man.


Pubic art may not be easy, but getting your man to do something other than have sex with you is even harder. Kill two birds with one stone – trim that puss!