Hahaha But Seriously, Does Everyone Shave Their Vagina?

There are so many mysteries in this world that need solving. Some are serious, like the circumstances surrounding the death of Jon-Benet Ramsey. Some are super interesting, like what happened to D. B. Cooper? And some are totally silly and frivolous, like if the majority of women keep their pubes or not, haha! Like who would really put any effort into figuring that out? Hahahaha!


But on a real note, does everyone shave their vagina? I’m just curious, lol.


It’s not like I spend a lot of time thinking about it or anything, there are so many conundrums of the human experience that are much more worthy of my mental energy. But wouldn’t it be kind of funny if we settled, once and for all, what the norm is in terms of pubic hair upkeep for women in my demographic, you know, just for posterity? And also so I know where my bush fits into the whole pube zeitgeist? I don’t know, I just think it’d be a good laugh! Right? Hahaha. Right???


There’s just so many different directions someone could go in (which nobody seems to be talking about out loud for some reason). You could go full bush, which is maybe what I have, or just trim your bikini line, which is also maybe what I do. You could shave a fun shape or a little landing strip, like I maybe have, or even go totally bald and bare, which is also maybe what I’ve got going on down there. There are just so many possibilities for how you can keep your pubes! And it’s obviously a non-issue, it just would be kind of a lil gag if we could ask all women between 18-35 to determine how they all maintain their pubes and if what I’m doing is normal or not. That’d be hilarious, right? Hahaha!



Ultimately, I don’t have any pressing need to know if everyone is out here shaving their pussies with impunity, but it would be such a hoot if I made a Twitter poll that every woman who is around my age was forced to take and answer honestly so we would know, once and for all, what was trending in terms of pubic hair. Not because I need to know, just because we could all use a laugh! I really don’t even care! Hahahahahaa!


But seriously, I do need to know what to do with my pubes! JK but really.