I Lived It: Co-Star Told Me To Buy a One-Way Plane Ticket and Now I’m Stuck In Des Moines

I have always been in touch with what the universe is trying to tell me. I listen for signs. For me, nothing is coincidence. So when my Co-star app sends me a push notification to buy a one-way plane ticket and “just go,” I put down everything that was holding me back and went for it.


But now, I’m stuck in Des Moines, and don’t really know how to get home.


To be clear, I know absolutely no one in Des Moines. I only bought a plane ticket to Des Moines because it was the cheapest plane ticket I could find. The only thing I know about Des Moines is that it’s in Iowa. I have never wanted to come to Des Moines. Yet here I stand with my rolly suitcase outside the Des Moines International Airport, trying to figure out why I thought it made sense to come here.


It felt so right in the moment but I’m having a hard time figuring out why the universe wanted me in this midwestern town.


I bet you’re wondering why I actually committed to a trip so quickly after an iPhone app recommended I do so. The answer is simple: I do not disrespect the stars and their plans for me. They know best. They’ve been around for years, unlike my friends and family who were yelling “Why are you doing this” and “Please stop ruining your life”. Sorry if that means I have to use my credit card to book a last-minute $243 flight to Des Moines. That’s how this shit works. Though it is inconvenient because I had a final-round interview for this job I really wanted scheduled in New York City today and I had to bail on that in order to make it to the airport two hours before my flight to Des Moines took off.



There is a silver lining, and it’s that the plane had corn chips. And I did pay $4 for them.


Next time Co-star tells me to do something impulsive, I may take a moment to breathe and decide if it’s actually a smart thing to do. But there’s also a world where I don’t do that, and instead continue to follow this random-phrase-generator app’s advice hyper-literally to do something financially irresponsible and absolutely devastating. For instance, eat this pork tenderloin at Berk & Chesters in the Des Moines airport. Maybe this was the right move all along?