Co-workers Make Birth Plan Pact

A close-knit group of female co-workers decided to make a birth plan pact together, promising to have their babies at the same time, in the same way, even if that means holding a baby in until everyone’s water breaks.

“We were on a snack run one day because we were all craving cheese,” says Mallory Jackson, one of the participants in the pact. “We realized it would be so much more fun to do the actual birthing together as well.”
Unlike traditional birth plans that typically only account for medication preferences and labor procedures, the birth plan pact includes details like outfits each woman must wear and the exact time at which each baby is to be born.
“How perfect is this—7 a.m. on June 5, 2014? That’s 7, 6, 5, 4,” Mallory says. “Oh and we’re all doing epidurals! So fun.”

When asked whether they were concerned that some babies might not arrive as scheduled, the women were confused. “We signed a birth plan pact,” said mom-to-be Liz Mayer. “It’s a binding oath.”
The fact that birth is often unpredictable seemed to escape all of the women, who have already set up Twitter accounts for their unborn children.
“Nothing brings women together more than sharing the most cherished moment in their lives,” says Mallory. “Now you’ll have to excuse me; it’s time for our pee break.”