Instead Of Calling My Ex, I Made Him My Emergency Contact And Got Hit By A Car

Hospital - Reductress

After a breakup, it’s so important to take some time apart, even if you plan on remaining friends. When Travis and I ended things, I promised not to call, text or email him for three weeks. Sure, he had been my main source of companionship and self-esteem for two years, but I didn’t want to cling onto him and slow down the healing process after a breakup.


That’s why, six days post-breakup, I walked directly into traffic and gave the ER nurse Travis’ number along with my insurance information. This was a win in my book, because technically, I never called him but he definitely had to respond.


I’m sure you’re wondering how I made that happen for myself. To clarify, when I thought of the getting hit by a car plan, I put him in my ICE contacts and changed his contact to “EMERGENCY CONTACT.” I also disabled the passcode on my phone, so that even if I got knocked unconscious, an EMT could quickly make the call. And I did all of this without once checking Travis’ Instagram stories. I am so totally winning this breakup.


I have learned so much through this experience. Now that I’ve successfully walked into oncoming traffic, I realize I’m extremely capable of getting things done. I planned and executed this whole thing by myself, no boyfriend necessary! Really makes you think.


Upon hearing I was in an accident, Travis rushed to my side, so technically he’s the one who broke the no-contact-for-three-weeks rule, not me. That’s so sad for him.


I’ll admit it was amazing to see him. We caught up, talked and laughed like we hadn’t in months. It made me completely forget the pain I was feeling from my eight fractured ribs and broken collarbone. It’s crazy the way fate brings people back into your life after you engineer a situation specifically for that to happen.


We didn’t get back together, but we are texting again. Mainly because the doctor told him to check in to make sure I didn’t die from a brain hemorrhage in my sleep.



It’s just so important to stick to the boundaries you set during a vulnerable time. If I’d started hitting Travis up in the middle of the night or, shown up at his apartment, he might have started thinking I was crazy. This way, we all win and can heal together.