‘That’ll Show Him!’ Says Woman Who Unfollowed Her Ex on Instagram

Austin resident Katia Pollert was devastated when her now ex-boyfriend Dustin broke up with her two weeks ago. Despite feeling extremely powerless for the better half of a month, she recently unfollowed him on Instagram before declaring proudly, “That’ll show him!”


Although Dustin won’t receive an alert that she’s no longer seeing his content, Pollert feels confident that seeing his followers go from 1,308 to 1,307 will really make him think.


“It’s really hard to come back from a breakup,” says Pollert. “But clicking that unfollow button made it much easier, and will really show Dustin that yeah, you can’t take me for granted. I’m out of your life, and now you know!”


Sources close to Dustin confirm he definitely hasn’t noticed his decline in followers because he “doesn’t really log in that much” and also “numbers don’t really matter I’m an artist”.


Still, Pollert feels confident that she has the upper hand.


“I am winning the breakup for sure,” Pollert says. “He recently posted a photo of himself standing in front of a rusty wall and I did not ‘like’ it. I think that hit him pretty hard.”


“Oh yeah, I’m definitely checking his profile like three, four times a day,” she added.


“Yesterday Katia asked me if she could come over and I was like so ready to give all the emotional support in the world,” says friend Bell Fernandez. “But when she got to my house she just asked me where my phone was and proceeded to watch Dustin’s Instagram story from my account. It was honestly very sad.”


When asked whether Pollert would consider making her profile private, she responded dismissively.


“I guess that would really show him… But risk him forgetting all about me and missing my beach pics? No thanks.”