You Can’t Just Ask Iggy Azalea Why She’s White?

Copyright Iggy Azalea

Guys, when you hear a woman rapping, your probably just automatically think it’s Queen Latifah, right? Maybe Lil’ Kim, MIA or Missy Elliott…but you for sure aren’t expecting it to be some white girl. I don’t want to sound racist…but if you hear someone rapping, isn’t it normal to assume they are African American?


I mean I’ve heard of Eminem, I’m not an idiot, but even like, white girls do rap now? I’ve heard that song “Fancy” like a million times, and I thought it was like a cool urban anthem. Until my rich friend Lisa introduced me to the Iggy Azalea at her dad’s hotel’s party. I was obviously surprised by her skin color, and inquired right away as to its meaning. Lisa gasped and whisked me away before Iggy could respond and my entire girlfriends, who are usually totes supportive, said I was being “weird” for not knowing that I shouldn’t ask about that. What?



I was sure I must just be thinking of the wrong Iggy Azalea, but when I watched all the music videos, there she was, white as an organic Stevia packet. I turned to the Internet for some backup; I mean, I can’t be the only one who finds this insane, right? A simple Google search showed that people all over the globe have been confused and surprised upon seeing photos of the new queen of rap because, she is, well… she’s white. So why is it so weird for me to ask about it?


I mean I know race can be a sensitive topic, but with a name like IGGY IZALEA and a profession like ‘rapper,’ wouldn’t it be a compliment for someone to assume you’re black?


My friends said this is also racist, but I feel like I’m not because I don’t live in a racist place like Texas. I went to a school with so many Asians.


So I guess the real takeaway is that you just never know what you can and can’t say to people and that I’ll have to be more attentive to music videos in the future. I feel like I’ve learned…wait a sec, according to Wikipedia Iggy is Australian? What??? Are you fucking kidding me? Someone please explain how that’s possible.