Pope Calls Katherine Heigl a “Horror to Work With”

pope heigl - reductress

While Katherine Heigl has recently denied rumors that she’s “difficult,” the latest addition to her list of haters is Pope Francis himself, who told Hollywood Reporter that the actress is “an absolute horror to work with.”


The Pope added, “I’ve only seen a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, but my heart goes out to Shonda Rhimes.”


The two met yesterday in Vatican City, along with mom and manager Nancy Heigl, who had contacted His Holiness about endorsing their animal rescue campaign, Heigl Hounds of Hope. While initially hesitant, the Pope eventually acquiesced. “It was easier than deleting all those emails from her mom. What a battle-axe.”


Things grew tense when Heigl insisted on bringing her eight dogs into St. Peter’s Basilica. But when the Pope politely refused her request to stay in the Sistine Chapel that night, she threw her coffee at a 16th century fresco and screamed, “I’m Katherine fucking Heigl. Who the fuck are you?”



Guards escorted the two women out once she enacted her own crucifixion while shouting lines from 27 Dresses.


“I try to see the good in people, but there’s literally nothing redeemable there,” said the Pope on the way to hang out with a group of homeless friends. “Whoever’s dealing with her at NBC is a saint.”