Parents Unsure Of How Daughter Is Doing Without GPA To Reference

After recently graduating from college, parents Melinda and Connor Wilson are unsure how to proceed keeping tabs on their 22-year-old daughter now that she’s no longer receiving a regular grade point average attesting to her hard work.


“It used to be if I was feeling anxious, I could just ask Hannah for her login info for her college’s academic tracking system, and soothe my mind by scrolling through her course grades and test scores,” says Melinda. “Now I don’t know what to do.”


“I asked her if she had any papers or anything to send us, and she looked at me confused,” says Connor of his daughter, who now works in an entry-level position at a hedge fund – a respectable gig for now, but who can really tell?


“I keep telling them, I’m doing fine,” says Hannah, who is nine months out of school and has held her job for the last five months. “A lot of my friends who graduated with me still don’t have jobs, or they’re working retail or something.”


“I told her, her boss can call me any time,” says Connor. “We’re really open to feedback.”


“That’s insane,” says Hannah. “No way am I even telling them my boss’s name.”



“Even if she just forwarded us an email from her boss that said ‘nice work!’ or something like that,” explains Melinda. “Anything to tide us over. It’s been months with no real track record. Naturally we’d be concerned.”


Hannah is unsure what else to tell her parents besides assuring them she is still receiving a paycheck and her responsibilities at her job are growing.


“Maybe the company will give out some kind of awards soon,” hopes Melinda.