What Your Oversized Mug Says About Your Debt

Every woman has an oversized mug. But what does yours say about you and your crushing debt?


1. Handmade Art School Mug

You went to art school, which means that there’s no way you’re currently able to make a living wage with the skills you’ve learned. And when it comes to why you haven’t paid off three month’s worth of credit card bills, this handcrafted ceramic mug with pearl glaze finish is the perfect way to tell your loan officer, “I’m just waiting for the right inspiration.”


My beautiful picture

2. Souvenir Mug

You’re a well-traveled woman, and couldn’t limit your expenses to some boring old vacation close to home. This overpriced gift shop mug show’s that you’ve got no fear about wasting money, and will gladly flaunt your extravagant decisions.

3. College Mug

Show off that intellect with a beautiful mug from your alma mater, and you’ll immediately exude the “private college debt” mystique. You’re young, smart, and fingers are crossed that a more powerful alum will somehow see you with this mug and hire you on-the-spot!

4. Novelty Animal Mug

So cute! A unique animal mug shows that you don’t need to waste time hunting down jobs when you’re busy being adorably snuggled up in your cute, quirky apartment, ordering more useless trinkets by the day (The scarf is the handle!)

5. Local Causes Mug

A good deed doesn’t need to go unnoticed with this savvy donation mug – after all, reaching the mug-level rewards is huge (most people only reach koozie-level). So sit back and smugly sip, while smiling at the photo of the polar bear you “adopted.” This mug not only indicates how kind you are, it’s also a write-off on your taxes (PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THAT THIS YEAR).