Martha Stewart Shares her Favorite Holiday Kegel Exercises

Martha Stewart Kegel

Just because we let our waistlines stretch during the winter months doesn’t mean our vaginal walls should do the same: self-care down there can also fall to the wayside as we focus on our loved ones and holiday cheer. What’s more self-caring than practicing your Kegels? Reductress’s own lifestyle expert and friend, Martha Stewart, shares her favorite tips to incorporate your pelvic floor exercises into your daily routine – because we all know that having a tight vagina is a good thing:

1. During Holiday Crafting

While decorating the shabby chic labels for your raspberry preserves with your favorite calligraphy pen, take a moment to clench your vagina tight and then release. Repeat this after each label is complete. Not only will you have adorable personalized holiday gifts, you’ll have the most taut vagina in your gated community!

2. While Roasting the Turkey

I may be a master at roasting the perfect Thanksgiving turkey – but what most people don’t know, is I’m also a master at tightening my lady cave. Add some “fun” to your turkey prep by adding a Kegel practice session each time you baste the bird. For example, when making a turkey to serve 12-14 guests, remember to baste every 30 minutes during the four hours the turkey will be roasting to golden brown. Each time you fill the baster, clench your vaginal wall muscles. As your release the juices over the bird, release your vaginal muscles. You’ll be surprised at how intuitive this can be, and how much your husband (and you!) will appreciate it later!


3. When Carolers Come Knocking

We all love the local kid’s choir that sings a beautiful rendition of “Silent Night” on our doorsteps this time of year. I recommend practicing your Kegels throughout the length of one caroler song – how easy is that?! Just a few minutes are all you need to strengthen your little French macaron for that day. The kids won’t know the smile on your face isn’t due to their angelic voices, but that your lady bits are singing songs of their own!

4. DIY Vaginal Weights

For the advanced crafters out there, you can construct the perfect homemade vaginal weights, instead of having to order them from Germany. First, mold some leftover clay into a variety of bulb-like shapes up to seven grams in weight. Next, paint them in a variety of colors – I prefer pastels for my own set. You can paint them in your favorite team colors, your alma mater, or using stencil art. Remember, these are your vaginal weights – there’s no “right” way to do it. After they’re painted, fire them up in your kiln and once cooled, tie decorative string to the end of them as a helpful way of extraction after your workouts. Easy! And that’s a good thing.
Vaginal weights are also a great, calorie-free holiday gift for your gal pals, so spread some cheer with some kegel-friendly giving this holiday season!