What Your Favorite “Your Favorite ___ Says About You” Says About You!

We all need something that can that tell us more about ourselves. We’ve read every “what your favorite _____ says about you” article and taken every “what’s your _____ style” quiz and now know that we are strong, sexy and fierce. Here is a handy quiz to quickly tell you what your favorite “your favorite _____ says about you” says about you!


1. What kind of “What Your Favorite ____ Says About You” articles do you like to read?

a. Perfume

b. Lipstick

c. Book

d. CD

e. Sex Position

f. Nail Polish

g. One Direction member

h. Movie

i. Spice Girl


If You Answered:


Mostly A’s

You worry you smell bad.



Mostly B’s

You own a lot of lipstick.


Mostly C’s

You are a nerd and boring.


Mostly D’s

What’s a CD?


Mostly E’s

You are a whore.


Mostly F’s

Hey Shanta! I knew you’d read this!


Mostly G’s

If it’s not Harry you are gay.


Mostly H’s

You like movies.


Mostly I’s

You are old.