Nice! Friend Has a Story About Time They Threw Up the Food You’re Currently Eating

In an awesome development out of this restaurant’s patio, your friend has a hilarious story about a time they threw up the food you are currently eating.


When the calamari you ordered arrived at the table, your friend Dani Lane’s eyes lit up at the natural opening for them to share an anecdote about their body violently rejecting this very food in front of you.


“Oh, my God, calamari!” Dani said. “The last time I had that I threw up so much. Like, soooo much.”


“I don’t know if there was something wrong with the squid or if it was the three margaritas I also drank,” Dani added. “But holy shit, I was puking all night.”


Dang! It’s super that your order sparked such a vivid and relevant memory.


“Ugh, there were all these bits of undigested squid in there,” Dani shared. “So rubbery. And I could really taste the soggy breading.”


While this natural cycle of sharing, communication, and reflection would seem opportune to most, you’ve expressed negativity toward the situation.


“I haven’t had calamari literally in years and I was really craving it,” you say. “But after hearing Dani go off about upchucking squid bits saturated in stomach acid, I’m a little less than appetized.”


“Maybe this is crazy, but I feel like it’s pretty rude.”


Luckily, your bad vibes didn’t ruin the whole evening.


“Once Dani talked about throwing up calamari, everyone else at the table was inspired to share stories about the last food that they threw up,” you say. “They were all just having drinks, but while I ate I got to hear a lively debate about whether rice or spinach is texturally worse to puke.”



Looks like your app isn’t being shared, but it sure did bring everyone together!


“Honestly, I can’t eat this calamari now,” you say. “I’m disgusted.”


At press time, Dani was asking to take your leftovers home because they’re ready to give it another shot.