Woman Who Thought She Was Sad Actually Fine After Eating Prosciutto

After a tough week at work, Aditi Shah had been feeling down and was concerned she was feeling one of her on-again, off-again bouts of sadness.


That is, until she purchased one pound of prosciutto.


“I was starting to feel kind of hopeless, like there was no reason to get out of bed in the morning,” says Aditi. “But then I was like, wait, there is an entire pound of prosciutto in my fridge, and suddenly I was like, yeah, it’s all worth it.”


Aditi was reminded that true happiness doesn’t come from fame or wealth, but rather knowing that a delicate, cured ham is only a grocery store trip away.


“I went through my twenties thinking I was just sad and anxious all the time, but I was really just going through life without prosciutto,” adds Aditi. “It’s great to know that as you get older, you know yourself better.”


Friends are relieved that Aditi is eating prosciutto right now.


“Oh damn, she’s eating prosciutto?” says friend Jacob Gondry. “That’s such a good idea. It’s honestly crazy that anyone would not be eating prosciutto right now.”



Aditi hopes that other people can find the strength within themselves to pull themselves out of that dark place and eat some prosciutto.


“Or cheese, or guacamole,” she adds. “Literally any of these things can do the trick.”