Woman Skeptical of All Institutions Except Peloton

29-year-old Talia Gressel has been a tireless advocate for poor and marginalized communities and has been deeply skeptical of the power structures that disenfranchise millions of people every day. But there is one modern institution on which she has no notes: The Peloton company.


“Pretty much every major institution in my life has failed me at one point or another – Capitalism, the Church – even Soulcycle,” says Talia. “But Peloton? Somehow I have no notes.”


Being as skeptical as she is about any for-profit organization, even she is surprised that Peloton has given her so little pause over the past few years of owning a bicycle.


“Trust me, I’m still waiting for something to come down the pipe,” says Talia. “But until then, I just…I love my Peloton? Is this starting to sound like an ad? What the hell did they do to make me like them so much?”



While Talia is still curious about what Peloton has done that makes her like it so much, she is still open to the fact that, like any for-profit company, they may do something that is ultimately disappointing and unethical.


“I’m just really hoping they don’t do it any time soon,” says Talia. “I just really need this bike right now.”