REPORT: Guy That Asked You for Feet Pics Actually Your Best Option Right Now

After a year-long pandemic and a small number of available, vaccinated men in the dating scene, it is looking more and more likely that the one guy who asked you for feet pics within five minutes of chatting on Bumble is probably your best bet right to hit up right now.


“You’re pretty,” he said, in his first message, to which you replied, “Thank you!”


Things turned sour after the immediate following message was, “Feet pics?” followed by a perpetual blinking ellipses, suggesting he is typing something very long or just eagerly staring at his phone awaiting your response.


After realizing that nobody else you’ve matched with has responded to your messages, you are slowly coming to terms with the fact that Joel, who loves feet, is your absolute best option right now, just slightly beating your ex who liked butts but in a weird way.



Just before you had finally resigned yourself to messaging him back, Joel responded with “FEET”.


At press time, sources reported that you two are now engaged. Congratulations!