Rich Friend Charging You 25 Cents for That Advil She Gave You

In a developing story out of St. Paul, MN, your rich friend Sara is charging you a quarter for the two Advil she just gave you.


“Oh don’t worry, I’ve got you,” said Sara when you complained of a headache after your night out together. She then pulled a couple of loose Advil from her coat pocket and handed it to you. “Don’t worry – I’ll send you a Venmo request later.”


“We thought it was a joke at first,” says a mutual friend. “Like when people request a penny as payment for being your friend. But then Sara sent a reminder for the payment request.”


In an attempt to defend Sara, whose dad coincidentally owns Venmo, you even tried to break down the price per Advil.


“Say it’s like $8 for 60 of them, that’s more like 15 cents per pill,” you say. “Sara wasn’t just trying to break even, she was trying to make a profit off me!”


“It’s like, hey I’m your friend, not a short-term investment you learned about from visiting your mom at the hedge fund she runs!”


Other sources close to Sara revealed similar patterns.


“Sometimes she’ll charge an Uber to her parent’s credit card and then have the audacity to ask me to split the cost with her,” says one friend. “Like, okay, should I give your dad the $20 the next time I see him? Because I know you didn’t just pay for that ride.”



“Oh yeah, one time she charged me for the splash of milk and each individual grain of sugar she let me use for my coffee,” says another friend. “And that was after I showed up to her apartment — which her parents bought her for her college graduation by the way — with an extra coffee for her.”


When you tried to bring it up with Sara, she sighed and said, “This is about the Mcdonald’s you got us last night isn’t it?” You honestly didn’t remember going to McDonald’s. Before you could tell her that she said, “Okay relax! I’ll Venmo you for it. That cheeseburger was what, $100?”


After accepting the $100, you immediately texted the group chat without Sara in it to see if anyone wanted to get dinner.