Uh Oh: Two People You Individually Suspect Dislike You Hanging Out Together

In a piece of seriously bad news for you, two people you individually suspect of disliking you are now hanging out together regularly.


This fearful circumstance came to light when you accidentally clicked on the Instagram story of the first of your two suspected enemies.


“When I saw that Grace was hanging out with Divya, my heart stopped,” you say. “I knew I was basically fucked.”


Per sources close to the story, Grace was your sort-of friend in college who you haven’t spoken to in over one year but just feel weird vibes from now, and Divya is your former roommate’s girlfriend whom you always suspected didn’t fuck with you for unknowable reasons.


“First of all, since when do these two even know each other?” you say. “And they’re inside maskless in an apartment? Like, they’re pod-level friends? This is a disaster.”


Since discovering their alliance, you have been in alternating states of panic, despair, and indignation imagining what specifically each of them might dislike about you and how their positions may solidify through the reinforcement process known as trash-talking while in one another’s presence.


“I wish there was something I could do to stop this,” you say. “Should I respond to the Instagram story and say, ‘miss you guys’? No. That’s insane. What would that accomplish?”




“The truth is, I don’t really like either of them,” you say. “But I’m pretty sure I don’t like them because I think they dislike me? I really can’t remember how it started.”


Regardless, you remain highly distressed by the idea of two people whose opinions you don’t especially respect thinking negatively of you.



“It’s just not fair,” you say. “They don’t even really know me! If I could just make my case, I know I could defend myself.”


“God, you know, whatever,” you add. “I’m being self-involved. They probably don’t think about me at all – I’ve probably never even come up.”


Insider sources report talking shit about you is, in fact, how the pair first bonded.